Restrict your configuration

The objective is to limit the creation of a conference room to a list of identified users. Guests will have to wait for one of these users to come and unlock the room.



jicofo {
  authentication {
    enabled = true
    type = XMPP
    login-url = YOUR_DOMAIN
    enable-auto-login = true

The restart.

systemctl restart jicofo

Jitsi meet


var config = {
  host: {
    // anonymous users need to use a dedicated muc without authentication
    anonymousdomain: 'guest.YOUR_DOMAIN',



-- change authentification of your domain
VirtualHost "YOUR_DOMAIN"
    authentification = "internal_plain"
-- add guest virtual host to allow anonymous user to join your room
VirtualHost "guest.YOUR_DOMAIN"
        authentication = "jitsi-anonymous"
        c2s_require_encryption = false
        modules_enabled = {
          -- copy the content of the modules_enabled
          -- of the VirtualHost "YOUR_DOMAIN"
          -- remove only the module "muc_lobby_rooms" of the list
          -- example:
          "ping"; -- Enable mod_ping

Then restart

systemctl restart prosody

Register an user

Let’s add a registered user to your domain. Only registered user can now create a room.

prosodyctl register USER YOUR_DOMAIN PASSWORD

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